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Why Dorota is Unique 

Dorota has a gift of sound – voice and via channeled light and higher frequency. She is able to Decode distorted body, mind and soul vibration off her client 

She is ambassador of Divine Mother’s unconditional love and share this loving and powerful knowledge with her client around and world via online transmission and mp3 recordings 

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Sunday Activation

Join online activation 2 times per month. Zoom video meetings.T

his activation are transmissions of love, harmony, balance with corona’s specking and singing channeled vibration of love and light. 

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Master Classes

Every month there are master classs and other online event. They are powerful meetings- online via zoom- This meetings- transmission activation are recording your distorted patterns, healing and shifting your vibration. Bringing to your consciousness, teachings of love and awareness you need for you ascension.

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Personal Session

Have a beautiful personal session with Dorota be loved and healed with a help of divine mother. You will be lifting and shifting within higher vibration of unconditional love.

Your session are recorded for you to work with energy transmission many times for your long lasting changes.

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Join 2 x Sunday Activations per month

Join 2 x Sunday Activations per month


  • Access to special page with selected recordings  and videos to help you with your ascension .
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 Join ALL LIVE online sessions 
Master classes and courses
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Mentoring Classes - Advance Team Work For Humanity
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  • Access to library with all recordings , courses and videos 
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